BTS Instant Tattoo on Weverse Shop

BTS Instant Tattoo on Weverse Shop

BTS Instant Tattoo is now available on Weverse Shop in the U.S.A only. Experience BTS’ exquisite music and performances conveying the message of love and consolation in a new way with Instant Tattoo.

  • Release Date: April 29, 2021 KST
Weverse Shop U.S.A.

BTS X Instant Tattoo

BTS X Instant Tattoo 

Instant Tattoo launched a new set inspired by BTS.

  • Release Date: December 7 at 7:00 p.m. KST 

BigHit Official Merch – November 2020 Upcoming Licensed Products


DREAM Teaser


Another Record of My Youth teaser

Mikrokosmos Tattoo teaser

Official Release

DREAM ver.

Forever ver.

DREAM FOREVER “Spring Day” tattoo

DREAM “Dynamite” tattoo

Special pouch

Instant Tattoo sticks to various surfaces

“Black Swan” design

“Mikrokosmos” design

‘DREAM FOREVER’ unique mix and match tips!

For example, combining “Dynamite” silhouette piece and the “Mikrokosmos” star design will result in a special sensibility

Let us celebrate our journey together! Celebrate the year with a BTS song theme tattoo sticker! Our journey will shine forever like now.

New ‘One Point Series’ will be released on January 5

“Life Goes On” design

BTS Music Theme Unboxing Video

BTS logo pouches to keep BTS tattoos, credit cards, and small cosmetics.

Mikrokosmos tattoo

“Spring Day” tattoo



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