YouTube is currently one of the biggest video streaming platforms in the world. It is a great space for people to share their creativity with the world as well as discover things they like, watch music videos, vlogs, shows, follow their favorite celebrities or YouTubers, and more. 

How to stream:

  1. Open YouTube in the browser or use the YouTube app.
  2. Sign in to an account.
  3. Search for “BTS [title track]” in the search bar.
  4. Select the video.
  5. Play the entire music video in 480P quality or higher at normal speed.
  6. Watch 2 – 3 other videos (preferably official BTS content) in-between.
  7. Repeat step 3 – 6.

NOTE: YouTube Free subscription follows the same steps as Premium with the exception of the options to watch videos without advertisements, download videos for offline viewing, listen to audio in the background with the YouTube Music app (iOS and Android), and access to exclusive content on YouTube and YouTube Music. Please note that having a YouTube Premium account does not prevent the deletion of unauthentic views. Bad streaming habits and patterns will result in the views getting deleted regardless of the account type.


  • Avoid bot-like behavior by searching for the music video manually, turning off autoplay, interacting with the video, and so on.
  • Do not stream on multiple windows or tabs if only one browser is being used; instead, stream on different browsers on the computer (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera) using a different YouTube account for each one. Please note that only one YouTube account per browser is counted for views.
  • Do not use the replay button.
  • Turn off autoplay.
  • Do not watch the music video in incognito mode.
  • Do not delete the watch history as it allows YouTube to search and include the views.
  • You can skip ads.
  • Continue streaming even if the view counter freezes; the views are still considered and will be updated later.
  • Leave comments that are relevant to the video and refrain from spamming.
  • Avoid streaming with playlists for the first 24 hours of the music video’s release.
  • Volume does not affect views; however, do not mute the video sound on YouTube while streaming; instead, plug in headphones or earphones, or mute the device’s volume if using a computer
  • Do not watch unofficial videos such as reactions and lyric videos, at least for the first 24 hours; streaming the official music video is the main priority. It is recommended to turn on the captions on the official music video for lyrics translation.
  • Try to watch videos from other channels in between. We recommend watching BTS’ appearances on variety shows, talk shows, etc. from the respective official channels on YouTube.
  • Views from embedded videos, such as those found in media articles and on Weverse, may be filtered; thus, please refrain from watching embedded videos during the first 24 hours of release. Please also remember to log into a YouTube account before watching embedded videos, or the views will not be considered.
  • The views on any official video with the song being the primary focus are considered for the Billboard charts. This includes official lyric videos provided by BIGHIT, dance practice videos, TV performances, etc.
  • During the first 24 hours, refrain from pausing, fast forwarding, or rewinding the music video consistently and/or excessively; however, it is fine if you pause or rewind some parts. According to YouTube, rewinding actually helps with ranking because it tells them that the video has some content worth rewatching.
  • These rules are also applicable to YouTube Music, which is a paid service where one can download videos to watch offline. The music can be played in the background and the views will be added once online.


United States Billboard charts only: It is generally accepted that listening to the song for at least 30 seconds will be regarded as a stream, and only 50 streams per day will be considered for every account.

Why streaming on YouTube is important:

YouTube has its own, unique trending list where the most popular videos of the time get featured and serve as a catered guide to whoever is looking to keep up with what is happening in their region. By streaming BTS’ music and performances, newer and bigger audiences across the world can be reached.

Apart from promotion, streams from YouTube also count for the Billboard charts. As of January 3, 2020, views from licensed video content providers (e.g. HYBE LABELS) will count towards the Billboard 200 chart.

NOTE: 1 album sale = 1,250 premium YouTube streams or 3,750 YouTube streams.

Creating a YouTube playlist: Do’s and Don’ts

There are few ways to make a YouTube Playlist:

Through a Profile

  1. Go to your YouTube profile and click on “Video Manager.”
  2. Under Video Manager, click on “Playlists,” then select “New Playlist.”
  3. Name the playlist, and click “Create.” You can change the visibility settings for your playlist here as well.

Navigating through YouTube

  • To add a video to a playlist, select the “+” icon; it can either be added to an existing playlist or create a new one.


  • Each video should link to the next and be related to a particular topic or theme (e.g. BTS Ballads). Consider the order to tell a story.
  • Optimize the playlist for search by editing the title and description of your playlist.
  • Add a compelling description that includes the keywords you want to target (e.g. Bangtan Boys, BTS, etc.).
  • Choose an eye-catching thumbnail.
  • Interact with the playlist at least once an hour by pausing, liking, commenting, etc. on videos.


  • Please do not make the playlist for BTS music videos only. Add other content such as their collaborations, BANGTAN BOMBS, solo works, interviews, variety show appearances, EPISODES, etc.
  • Views from playlists are added at a slower rate; thus, please do not use a playlist during the first 24 hours of release.



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