Information and tutorials on how to stream BTS’ music on various streaming platforms.

Streaming is a way of listening to music or watching videos on a device without having to download them. The music industry has long since evolved from physical distribution to digital distribution; thus, streaming has become a crucial factor for music charts. These charts play an important role in qualifying for awards in both the domestic and international music industries, which in turn, lead to more exposure for BTS.


Information on global streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Deezer, along with the music finder application, Shazam.

It is imperative to note that only 10 streams per account per day per the aforementioned platforms contribute to the regional charts in the U.K. and Italy; and only 10 streams per IP address per day per the aforementioned platforms contribute to the regional charts in Canada. Any streams over this amount contribute to the Billboard Global charts. Additionally, only streams from the U.S. and PR contribute to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


Information on Korean streaming platforms, such as MelON, SORIBADA, GENIE, BUGS!, FLO, and NAVER (VIBE).

These platforms contribute towards Korean charts and points for music shows.

iOS users are required to change their country or region to Korea in order to download the following apps. It is also mandatory to have a KakaoTalk account to be able to log into these apps.



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