Yoongi Rain Forest



Project Period

  • Start Date: February 20
  • End Date: March 8
  • Timezone: GMT -5

Project Description

A Charity Project for SUGA’s Birthday. 💙 

By entering the webpage of The Rainforest Site, you can protect rainforests around the world with one click! 

How to participate:

  1. Go to The Rainforest Site.
  2. Click on “Click To Give – ITS FREE.”
  3. Share on Twitter using the designated hashtag for that day by looking through the hashtag banner.

You can also see the steps in the tutorial banner. 

For every click you give, The Rainforest Site protects 21 square feet of a rainforest around the world. 

You can give a click in every 3 hours! 

Note: It is important that you use the designated hashtag for each day when tweeting. This way we can count how many square feets ARMY protect for SUGA’s birthday.



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