Why is promoting BTS important?

Promotion is one of the main factors that boost an artist’s exposure and growth. As BTS is a South Korean group, the general public in other countries may be unaware of them. Promoting BTS in an appropriate manner and exposing the general public to BTS’ music can help familiarize them with BTS’ songs, clear off any preconceived notions they might have against BTS, and possibly gain their interest. Furthermore, it can expand the ARMY family and help create a positive image for the group; thus, helping BTS attain more achievements and recognition in the world of music.

Ways to Promote BTS

Post on TikTok

TikTok has been proven to correlate with the impact an artist or song has on music charts. It has over 1 billion downloads and 800 million active users as of May 2020.

Steps to follow

  1. Choose a BTS song or choreography.
  2. Create a challenge or trend that is fun and appropriate.
  3. Upload the TikTok challenge video.
  4. Share it, and recommend others to do it as well.

NOTE: TikTok trends must involve a large number of users trying to follow it; the greater the number of users, the greater the response. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind that the challenges should be created in a way that would be fairly easy for the general public to follow.

How does it help BTS?

  • Due to the large number of TikTok users, a viral trend on this platform with a BTS song used in the background would give BTS a large amount of exposure. This could result in more individuals becoming interested in them and their music.
  • A viral BTS song would naturally have users curious to search BTS’ music which would increase their view counts on YouTube and/or streams on other music streaming platforms.

Provide links to BTS videos

Videos and photos are essential factors in promotions. BTS’ music videos are visually pleasing, energetic, charismatic, and thus, can be appealing to a wide variety of viewers.

Steps to follow

  • When coming across a person interested in BTS’ music, provide them with links to BTS’ music videos, preferably according to their music taste and genre, so that they can familiarize themselves with BTS’ music and visual style.
  • Share links to videos, for example BANGTAN EPISODES and LOGS, which illustrate their artistry and provide more information on their work.
  • Share links or videos showcasing BTS’ song or album making process.
  • Share links to videos where BTS are just being themselves. For example, BANGTAN BOMBS.

How does it help BTS?

  • Most of BTS’ content is consumed in the form of videos. Sharing these videos with the general public would give them the chance to discover BTS, learn more about them, and possibly lead them to become an ARMY!
  • Sharing links to BTS’ music videos will help increase YouTube views, which will in turn help boost the ranking of those songs on the charts where applicable.
  • Sharing links to BTS’ videos from their YouTube channels will also help with their Billboard Social 50 ranking, as it increases engagements on their YouTube channel.

Engage with BTS’ social media

Engaging with BTS’ social media refers to sharing and interacting with their official accounts, posts, and content on various social media platforms. 

Steps to follow

  • Facebook
    • Official Facebook Page: @bangtan.official
      • Like and follow their page.
      • Like and comment on their posts regularly.
      • Share their page with friends and on other social media sites.
  • Instagram
    • Official Instagram Account: @bts.bighitofficial
      • Follow their account.
      • Like and comment on their posts regularly.
      • Share their account with friends and on other social media sites.
  • Twitter
    • BTS has an official account that the members personally use (@BTS_twt), an official account handled by their staff (@bts_bighit), and an official Japanese account which is also handled by their staff (@BTS_jp_official).
    • Note: Data from BTS’ personal Twitter account is used for the Billboard Social 50 Chart.
      • Follow their account.
      • Like, comment, retweet, and quote-retweet their posts regularly.
      • Tag their account “@BTS_twt” in appropriate BTS related posts (e.g. articles that positively mention BTS).
      • Share their account with friends and on other social media platforms.
  • YouTube
    • There are two official YouTube channels:
      • HYBE LABELS is HYBE LABELS’ official YouTube channel. It contains content from BIGHIT MUSIC, SOURCE MUSIC, BELIFT LAB, and PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION. BTS’ official music videos will be found and released on this channel.
      • BANGTANTV is BTS’ official YouTube channel. It contains content such as BANGTAN BOMBS, BANGTAN EPISODES, audio versions of BTS songs, vlogs, behind the scene clips, Golden Closet Films (GCFs), practice and choreography videos, etc.
        • Subscribe to these two channels.
        • Watch BTS’ official music videos and other official video content from these channels.
        • Like and comment on their videos.
        • Share their videos.

How does it help BTS?

  • Engaging with BTS’ social media directly helps with their ranking on the Social 50 Chart. Maintaining a high and consistent ranking on the chart attracts the attention of the general public as they may be interested in finding out what makes BTS popular.
  • As Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms, trending hashtags and keywords related to BTS on Twitter can help grab the attention of people from all over the world.
  • Sharing BTS’ social media handles or pages can make it easier for the general public to refer to if they would like to discover more about BTS.

Recommend similar music

If one shows interest in BTS, provide the individual with song recommendations based on the genre(s) they enjoy. For example, if said person enjoyed one of BTS’ collabs, recommend more songs with the given BTS member(s). This may lead to them becoming more open to and/or following BTS’ music releases. Something along the lines of, “Hey, this song is similar in style of —, maybe you’ll like it!” would help the individual discover BTS. 

NOTE: Always be mindful of the person and if they would like more information or not.


  • An individual likes “Outro: Tear” and is looking for similar songs; possible recommendations could be the Cyphers, “Ddaeng,” and “UGH!” because these are also rap line unit songs.
  • An individual wants to hear some of BTS’ music and enjoys ballad songs; possible recommendations could be “Butterfly,” “RUN (Ballad Mix),” or “Spring Day.”
  • If an individual liked “SUGA’s Interlude” by Halsey feat. SUGA, possible recommendations could be “Song Request” by Lee Sora feat. SUGA,  “eight” by IU feat. SUGA, and “Trivia: Seesaw.”

How does it help BTS?

With more suggestions, the general public will gain more knowledge of BTS’ music and its diversity. This would give BTS more exposure, which may lead to a greater fan following.

Mention BTS’ work as humanitarians

A humanitarian is a person who seeks to promote human welfare. BTS has always been active advocates of social welfare and self-care, using their platform to support and spread awareness for multiple social causes. Their lyrics often refer to and promote self reflection, love, and care. Not to mention, BTS collaborated with UNICEF for the Love Myself anti-violence campaign as well as have donated and continue to donate to countless charities and organizations.

Steps to follow

When talking to an individual who is trying to know more about BTS:

  • Give more information regarding the Love Myself campaign.
  • Share their UN speech.
  • Mention the donations BTS has made.
  • Mention how their music promotes self-love and provides a sense of healing.
  • Mention the social messages included in their music.

How does it help BTS?

Mentioning BTS’ humanitarian efforts will portray how BTS are as artists and how they use their work and platform to give back to society. This sets them apart and exhibits how their passion extends beyond the people who listen to their music, which can incite interest in a varied demographic of the general public.

Spread BTS’ lyrics, stories, and messages

Unlike the stereotypes associated with K-Pop and boy bands, BTS are artists who compose and produce their songs with appreciation and sincerity. BTS has beautiful songs covering a wide range of genres and topics with lyrics that tell a story, provide a sense of comfort, and often encompass a social or political message.

Steps to follow

  • Talk about how certain songs or lyrics have helped you in your life.
  • Share information regarding BTS’ lyrics that explore certain societal issue(s).
  • Have discussions about how intricate BTS’ lyrics are.
  • Share information about BTS’ Love Myself campaign.
  • Share information that shows how the lyrics talk about self-love and self-care.
  • Talk about MAP OF THE SOUL’s connection to Jungian Theory.
  • Mention how BTS’ themes for their music ignites discussion on mythology (e.g. “Dionysus” from MAP OF THE SOUL : 7).
  • Talk about the Bangtan Universe that is shown in their songs and music videos, and how ARMY creates theories to connect the story.
  • Share the webtoon “Save Me” which is based on the Bangtan Universe.
  • Talk about CONNECT, BTS and the promotional activity that was done for MAP OF THE SOUL : 7.

How does it help BTS?

Music is not the only way to promote and introduce BTS to a newer group of potential fans. There are many other lessons, feelings, and experiences that BTS bring along with their music, to which many people can resonate to. Sharing information regarding BTS’ amazing lyricism and artistry would get a unique set of the general public interested in BTS.

Shazam BTS’ music

Shazam is an app owned by Apple that identifies music based on an audio fingerprint. It is a handy tool commonly used to search for a song. Shazam sends this data to radio stations which allows them to determine a song’s popularity in a specific area.

Steps to follow

Please refer to our Shazam guide for steps and more information.

How does it help BTS?

Shazam allows the data to be sent to radio stations which can help increase BTS’ recognition. It is also believed that the data provided is used to determine the interest in an artist and whether a concert should be held in that particular region.

Request BTS on radio

When songs are played on the radio, it provides a wider exposure for the artist and helps with music charts rankings such as Billboard.

Steps to follow

  • Contact a local fanbase, and ask them how the radio works in a given region or country.
  • Request BTS songs by calling local radio stations.
  • Alternatively, through Twitter, ask radio stations to play their music, participate in polls, and more.

Note: Different radio stations will have different processes and policies for requesting that may vary per location.

How does it help BTS?

Requesting BTS on the radio gives their music a chance to be heard by the general public, which, in turn, may bring in new fans. This, alongside radio play, can help increase their streams and charting positions, especially on the Billboard charts. 



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