What is it?

The GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP is the official BTS fan club membership that is open for ARMY worldwide. In order to join, ARMY must purchase the membership from the Weverse Shop (previously known as Weply). 

The membership for the 2020 – 2021 period has been reorganized and is now available in 2 different versions: ARMY Membership and ARMY Membership: Merch Pack. 

When can I purchase the membership?

The membership is available for year-round purchase once announced, and it lasts for a year from the date of registration. 

  • Sign up period: From August 14, 2020; 2:00 p.m. KST.
  • Note: Multiple sign-ups are not allowed.


  • Renewal: Previous ARMY Membership holders can renew their membership up to two months before or one month after the expiration date. ARMY who renew their memberships within this period may receive a special renewal gift.

    The special renewal gift this year is a digital image of a message of thanks written with the artist’s handwriting; the member will be randomly selected. The gift will be available after the renewal membership purchase has been confirmed which is done by the following:
    • Seven days have passed after the renewal of membership
    • Membership benefits have been used
  • Note: Check your membership period by going on to the “Membership Only” section on Weverse.
  • New member: ARMY who are not already a holder of the previous ARMY Membership, or whose previous membership has expired due to not renewing. 

Membership Prices

The prices are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of shipping charges.

  • ARMY Membership: 25,000 KRW (22 USD)
  • ARMY Membership: Merch Pack: 175,000 KRW (150 USD)

ARMY Membership Benefits

The benefits of ARMY Membership include the following:

  • ARMY Membership mobile card.
  • Opportunity to buy exclusive merchandise.
  • Benefits for purchasing BTS content on Weverse, e.g. early release, members-only prices, etc.
  • Opportunity to purchase the ARMY Membership Kit.
  • Early ticket reservation and ticket raffle opportunities for domestic and international BTS performances and concerts.
  • Opportunity to apply for attending domestic music program broadcasts featuring BTS.
  • Access to BTS Weverse Membership and exclusive content.
  • Opportunities to participate in other online or offline special events as announced by Big Hit.

ARMY Membership: Merch Pack

The ARMY Membership: Merch Pack includes all the benefits of the ARMY Membership with an included opportunity to purchase four special Merch Boxes products throughout the year.

The Merch Box can only be purchased through the Weverse Shop (GLOBAL, USA, or JAPAN) that you have purchased your membership from. You may receive the box by paying the shipping charges only during the validity period of your ARMY Membership: Merch Pack.

Note: More information on the Merch Box is provided on the respective product page.

Membership Kit

The Membership Kit is now an additional purchase that is no longer included with the ARMY Membership as a set.

The price of the kit is inclusive of VAT but exclusive of shipping charges, stands at 14,000 KRW (13 USD), and can only be purchased through the Weverse Shop (GLOBAL, USA or JAPAN) that you have purchased your membership from. More details are provided on the respective product page.

The content of the Membership Kit changes every year according to the concept. The most recent concept was “BTS Cinema,” and the kit consisted of: membership card, badge, masking tape, poster, user guide, review note, photo ticket, ARMY.ZIP, package, and name tag.

Important information

  1. Only one ARMY Membership or ARMY Membership: Merch Pack can be purchased per ID. 
  2. Membership benefits are only available if the account details (i.e. name and email address) on both Weverse and Weverse Shop are the same.
  3. Membership benefits are only available if the name on the account is the same as the one on the buyer’s ID; therefore, it cannot be transferred or sold to others.
  4. The Membership mobile card can be verified immediately after purchase.
  5. Mobile and physical Membership Cards can be used to receive membership benefits; however, please note that the physical card will only be provided in the Membership Kit.
  6. You can only sign up or book once for the benefits available exclusively to the Membership holder.
  7. The name you enter when purchasing the membership and the name on a valid ID must be the same to receive membership benefits.
    • Korean nationality holders: Resident Registration Card, driver’s license, passport, and Youth ID card are valid forms of ID
    • Non-Korean nationality holders: Alien Registration Card and passport are valid forms of ID
  8. The name for the ARMY Membership cannot be changed; be careful when entering it at the time of the purchase.
  9. Refunds may be granted within seven days of registration unless the ARMY Membership Kit has been purchased, the membership-only content has been granted, or the buyer has participated in events that are exclusive to the membership.



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