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What is All For ARMY?

All For ARMY is a project that aims to centralize all the important information about BTS on a website in order to inform and unify ARMY across all social media platforms.
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When did All For ARMY start?

The All For ARMY project was initiated in August 2019.

Is All For ARMY a global fanbase?

All For ARMY is a project meant for ARMY all over the world; we have partnered with fanbases from diverse countries to provide appropriate content from their regions when applicable; and, our members are also from around the world. Therefore, we can be considered as a global project.

Does All For ARMY work under Big Hit or BTS?

All For ARMY is not affiliated with Big Hit or BTS. It is a fan-driven project.

Does All For ARMY promote artists and groups other than BTS?

All For ARMY is a project meant to only support BTS and ARMY; therefore, we do not promote other artists or groups.

Does All For ARMY take donations?

All For ARMY does accept donations that will be used to help run the website. More information here!

Is All For ARMY run by a group of ARMY?

The members of All For ARMY are all OT7 ARMY. They have been recruited through a process of application submission as well as background checks for validity and solo – OT6 activities. 
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Who are the members of All For ARMY?

All For ARMY members must maintain anonymity regarding their affiliation with the project in public and on social media; therefore, we cannot disclose this information.

What countries are the members of All For ARMY from?

All For ARMY members are from diverse backgrounds and countries. Refer to the “Team Map” to see where all of our members are from!

Do All For ARMY members get paid for their work?

All For ARMY is a project driven by love, respect, and passion towards BTS; and therefore, the work we do as ARMY has always been and continues to be voluntary.

Which fanbases work with All For ARMY?

Refer to the “Fanbase Partnership” to see a list of all the fanbases that have agreed to collaborate with All For ARMY!

How can a fanbase join All For ARMY?

Fanbases interested in collaborating with All For ARMY can contact us through our email: Please know that no third party but the respective fanbase(s) should be the one to contact us; which means, if you would like a regional or international fanbase to join the project, please ask the said fanbase(s) to contact us themselves instead of you requesting us to ask or contact them.

How do I join All For ARMY?

All For ARMY puts out application forms for our respective teams on all of our social media platforms when we need new members. Follow us to stay tuned!

Where can I find information on _____?

Please check the menu bar as well as use the search bar to help you navigate through the website. If what you are looking for is not on our website, you can suggest them to us along with any other observations or ideas you may have for our website here

How up-to-date is the information provided on the All For ARMY website?

The content provided on the All For ARMY website is always updated as soon as possible whenever any new information (pertaining to the website content and structure) is released. We also provide daily updates under the “What You Missed” section on our homepage.   

Where does All For ARMY get their information?

All For ARMY has dedicated teams to gather and verify information from various sources (e.g. news articles, Big Hit announcements, chart websites, and more). We also get information for specific sections on our website from a few trustworthy ARMY and the fanbases we have partnered with.

Does All For ARMY provide translations for _____ language?

All For ARMY currently provides translations in 11 languages for our social media posts: Arabic, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish. We also plan to translate our website into the aforementioned languages as well as provide translations for more languages in the future.

Does All For ARMY accept ideas for fan projects?

All For ARMY accepts ideas for fan projects only from the fanbases we are partnered with at the moment.

Does All For ARMY organize charity projects?

As of now, All For ARMY does not organize charity projects.

Does All For ARMY organize projects for BTS’ concerts?

As of now, All For ARMY does not organize projects for BTS’ concerts.

Does All For ARMY organize streaming parties?

Yes, All For ARMY organizes streaming parties. Keep an eye on our social media accounts to know when we host such parties!

Does All For ARMY allow reposting of their content?

All For ARMY allows re-posting and sharing of our content as long as we are credited appropriately. If you are going to repost our content, please tag our respective account in the post depending on which social media platform(s) you are reposting it in.
We do not, however, allow any form of edit, alteration, or translation of our content without our explicit permission.

Does All For ARMY allow fans of artists or groups other than BTS to use their information and guides?

As our name suggests, All For ARMY is a project meant only for ARMY to support BTS. Although we cannot prevent others from using and sharing our information and guides, it is not welcomed as our content has been and will always be meant solely for ARMY.

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All For ARMY is a fan-run project and is not affiliated with Big Hit or BTS. All For ARMY does not own any of the music, album covers, or other content posted by Big Hit and BTS that appear on this website.

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