Information on how and where to purchase BTS’ music-related and non-music related content.

Music can be purchased both digitally and physically. Digital songs and albums are purchased to be saved on a device and allow one to listen to them at any time. BTS physical albums contain CDs and a variety of collectible items, such as photobooks and photocards, which can be of interest to consumers. As these sales also contribute to domestic and international music charts, purchasing BTS’ music is one of the many ways ARMY can support them.


Information and tutorials on how to purchase BTS’ music digitally.

Purchasing a song digitally indicates that you are paying for a permanent file that becomes part of your digital library. You can transfer the file to other devices and listen to the song anytime.


  • Only purchases made in the U.S. and PR contribute to Billboard Hot 100.


Information on where to purchase official BTS albums.

BTS’ physical albums usually come with photobooks, photocards, and posters, and can be considered as collector’s item(s). They may also have hidden tracks that are not available in the digital versions of the album.

Many of BTS’ physical albums are available in multiple versions. Although each version has its own concept, including different photobooks and photocards, the contents of the music CDs are identical. The different versions have different cover designs which can often be matched to form a complete image (e.g. the LOVE YOURSELF series).


  • Purchase of more than 5 albums at once is considered bulk-buying; and therefore, will be counted as ONE album sale. This is confirmed for the Billboard charts.
  • Only purchases made in the U.S. and PR contribute to Billboard Hot 100.


Information on how and where to purchase non-music related BTS content, such as official merchandise and paid video content.



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