A quick look into the purpose, vision, and goals of All For ARMY. The page also contains a brief introduction to our team and the partnership between various BTS fan bases, along with ways to contact and support us.


BTS is a 7-member South Korean boy band who is cherished by their dedicated fans known as the ARMY. To show our dedication for BTS and to connect the fandom, All For ARMY was created. All For ARMY is a project run by a group of ARMY and works toward centralizing important information about BTS for the fandom.

Purpose, vision, and goals

The purpose of All For ARMY is to put together important information regarding BTS and ARMY into one comprehensible, easy-to-navigate website. In other words, a site convenient for all ARMY around the world to stay up to date with BTS and participate in fandom activities. Along with the appropriate content provided by our partnered BTS fan bases, All For ARMY hopes to connect ARMY across various social media platforms and give fans easier access to information. To achieve this vision, All For ARMY is aiming towards multiple goals that include the following:

Support BTS

Support BTS’ passion for music in their journey as growing artists and musicians

Support ARMY

Inform ARMY about projects, streaming, voting, comeback information, schedules and more

Connect the Fandom

Become a reliable source of information and connect ARMY across multiple social media platforms

About our team

The All For ARMY team consists of numerous passionate and talented OT7 ARMY from all around the world. We currently have 130+ members in 7 sub-teams focusing on different areas of the project, with each sub-team contributing their time, energy, and hard work towards the success of All For ARMY.

To ensure we maintain the trust of ARMY, there are strict rules that each member must follow, including maintaining anonymity regarding their affiliation with All For ARMY in public. With that being said, if a member, or a fan base we are in partnership with for that matter, is ever found to be behaving in harmful ways towards BTS or ARMY, please notify the team immediately by contacting us and we will deal with the situation promptly in an appropriate manner.


Please check our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) before proceeding. If answers are not found on the FAQ page, feel free to connect with All For ARMY through our social media, email, or submit messages and concerns in the contact form below. Similarly, if you would like to submit a project to be displayed on the website and are the organizer of the project, please go to the ‘Submit Project’ page.

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    To operate the website, All For ARMY is required to purchase and maintain a domain and a hosting server.

    Any donations, no matter how small, would help run All For ARMY! No one is required to donate, but if it is possible, it would benefit in keeping the site running. Leftover funds will be used for charity donations.

    Please visit the Ko-fi link below to donate!

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    You may also support us by following our social media accounts and visiting our website frequently, as well as by informing fellow ARMY about All For ARMY so we can broaden our reach to as many ARMY as possible!

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    We are thrilled to be working alongside numerous BTS fan bases who have been helping keep the fandom moving forward for many years. The partnership is based on mutual respect and understanding, which enables equal sharing of information between various bases and All For ARMY. This will help us move a step closer to reaching our goals.

    All bases working with All For ARMY have agreed to provide appropriate content to upload on the All For ARMY website. A list of fan bases we are partnered with is provided below:



    All For ARMY is a fan-run project and is not affiliated with Big Hit or BTS. All For ARMY does not own any of the music, album covers, or other content posted by Big Hit and BTS that appear on this website.

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